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We build bespoke investment products that meet your specifications when it comes to amount, investment horizon, price or performance objective.

By combining our team’s know-how with the group’s capabilities and business volumes, we are able to optimise structures to meet your precise needs, while avoiding the pitfalls associated with certain structured products (e.g. limited liquidity, lack of sensitivity in the secondary market, etc.).

We offer a range of structured product solutions depending on the desired investment objectives and level of risk, including capital protected solutions, yield products, participation and leverage products.

At Sesame Financial Group, our greatest accomplishment is creating a “win-win” environment for all the parties involved.

Thanks to our years of experience and existing business flow, we have strong pricing power, which we share with our clients

  • Upstream, we shortlist our issuing partners depending on the product specifications: asset class, maturity and overall payoff. Our diversified business flow guarantees us an excellent trade-to-request ratio with all of our issuing partners. In return, they provide us with excellent reactivity and low issue costs.
  • Our transparent and low-cost structure, coupled with our strong existing relationships, allows us to offer a unique service based on pricing aggressiveness, reactivity and special attention to your needs.

We work together in order to design an intelligent and optimised investment solution that is perfectly tailored to your risk profile and market expectations.

You are involved throughout the entire process and have the final say, while we support you as an independent partner.

We handle the entire launch process for your customised product, and monitor it closely throughout its lifetime. We also offer outstanding analytical service on secondary market transactions and challenge valuations that we deem incorrect.

We want our clients to benefit from our invaluable connections.

When designing a new structured product, we have several competitive advantages:

  • We have direct links with structurers and traders at various issuers, who we can call on when we need to solve an issue or take advantage of improved conditions. These unique and valuable connections have been acquired through years of networking.
  • We take advantage of information from the OTC market, such as the funding curves of different issuers, in order to optimise the parameters of your investment, such as maturity, call period, coupon payment, etc.
  • Our high average daily volume of structured products allows us to benefit from improved access, in the form of lower minimum investment sizes or improved payoff conditions.
  • Issuing of New Products
    We issue new products starting from CHF 50,000 equivalent. We quote on:
    • All asset classes: equities, fixed income, credit derivatives, FX, commodities, indices, ETFs, etc.
    • All structures: (auto)callables, reverse convertibles, CLNs, leveraged or delta1 trackers, capital guaranteed products, etc.
    • All markets worldwide
  • Secondary Market Opportunities
    Our database automatically monitors our outstanding positions and detects entry points on over-discounted products. We send reports on these opportunities, which are not subject to a minimum investment size, to all of our partners on a regular basis.

our key success factors


Our expertise allows us to quickly transform an idea into a top-tier investment product and to launch it with the best-possible timing.

These reactive investments are based on macro trends or technical factors (e.g. CDS/cash basis, strong buy/sell pressure on certain assets, etc.).

We adapt our weekly offers to current market conditions (e.g. implied volatility, yields and funding curves, correlation, etc.), enabling our clients to invest in optimised products at the right time.


Our relationships with 35 partners, together with our business volumes, mean that we can very quickly obtain the best price conditions for you.

Sesame’s contacts have years of experience in investment banking (e.g. UBS, Société Générale, Goldman Sachs, Leonteq, Exane, BNP Paribas, Natixis, Morgan Stanley, etc.). Thanks to their expertise, we are able to obtain the most competitive conditions for our clients.


Thanks to our expertise in quantitative research and our knowledge of the market, we provide our clients with innovative ideas adapted to both specific market conditions and their own requirements.

We always strive to come up with solutions, however simple or complex, to meet our clients’ needs, within the cross-asset universe in which we excel.

Quality of service

Our flexible platform and strong relationships allow us to offer you a unique service characterised by price aggressiveness, reactivity and attentiveness to your needs.

We offer you access to Open, our online platform with a powerful suite of tools, while always remaining at your side. Human expertise remains the core of our vision.

Discover Open, your next-gen structured products and research platform.

Open is a cloud-based platform developped by Sesame Financial Group to support the needs of their structurers and relationship managers. Sesame has made it available to all in order to promote a user-friendly investment experience to all professional wealth managers.

Connect to your account or ask for a Demo, and discover a tool at your colors, that has been truly designed for your needs.